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Integrity of creative image for composing an analysis of literary work

Consciousness can work as a psyche, plus the psyche being a awareness. The prerequisites for artistic creativity, these sides are inseparably in principle as a basis. In technology, we depend on a consciousness that operates with essences, seeking to eliminate thoughts and experiences. In literature and art, emotion contains thought, in idea – emotion. The image is just a synthesis of psyche and consciousness, ideas and emotions.

What’s the basis for artistic imagination in literary analysis?

This is apparently the actual foundation of artistic creativity, which will be feasible just because consciousness and psyche, being autonomous spheres, are in the exact same time inextricably linked. It really is impractical to reduce steadily the image to your idea (towards the objective of the ideas): we ought to distract ourselves from feelings. To lessen the image to direct experience way to “not notice” the turnover associated with the psyche, its ability to be fraught with thought.

But, the integrity for the image is not just a sensually perceived idea (concept). The image just isn’t yet a means of the presence of simultaneously concepts that are severala system of principles). The image is basically multivalued, it simultaneously contains aspects that are several. Technology can not afford this. Ideas decrease an object (trend) to at least one aspect, up to one moment, intentionally abstracting from others. Science explores phenomena analytically with subsequent synthesis, practicing most of the moments of interrelation. Art, but, believes when it comes to the definitions. Furthermore, the presence of the sum of meanings is a vital condition for the “life” associated with creative image. It is often impractical to determine what may be the meaning that is true what is the “more crucial” meaning.

Concept of artistic idea of literary work

Theoretically, creative content are reduced to a scientific, to a logically developed system of concepts. However in practice this can be impossible, which is not required. We have been coping with the abyss of definitions. Also on the issue of the appearance of brand new overtones that are semantic brand new deep definitions, about “self-production” of definitions in classical works. Since a work could be understood into the end only if absolutely the logical unfolding of images is recognized, it could be argued that the information of a very creative work is a process that is endless.

Therefore, the image is indecomposable. Its perception can simply be holistic: as a personal experience of idea, as a sensually recognized essence. This is the reason the analysis that is scientific of tasks are a “double general” cognition of creative integrity: apart from that the inexhaustibility of meanings cannot be paid down to a method, with such cognition, the adequate perception of emotions – empathy – is left out of the brackets.

The utmost complete perception for the object that is aesthetic constantly multifaceted:

  • empathy,
  • co-creation,
  • method of integrity through scientific dialectical logic.

Exactly What provides the richness up to a literary work?

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